Happy people are drinkers, and that's what makes a great bar.  I want to keep your customers coming back for more, meeting each other and filling the seats.  People come back to places where they have a blast and the Variety Show is a great way to make an average night into the most popular night of the week.  I have games of chance, skill, and fun contests to show people off to their new friends.  How else are you going to meet that person across the bar? Think about how many game shows are showcasing family fun night.  This is a huge hit with the bar scene and a fun way to get people in your door and out of their living rooms for a weekly Game Night.  We can give away prizes, bar tabs, or drinks to keep the party going.  Karaoke is another great way to shine the spotlight on the locals.  I can also play the crowd's favorites and get the dance floor jumping with a variety of music.  It all depends on the crowd and what you want featured for the night's festivities.  

Singh Entertainment & Productions